Visit Dr. Carl Johannessen's web site for background information about how scientists can determine the routes and dates of prehistoric human migrations and undocumented voyages by tracing the distribution of cultivated plants and domesticated animals.

Dr. Gunnar Thompson spoke at the Internet Atlantic Conference on Oct. 10, 2009.

His topic was Ancient Egyptian maize with an introduction on turkeys and Turkey Corn in the British Isles. The Egyptian maize dates to 4000 BC; and it follows introduction via Minoan Crete and the Middle East circa 5000 BC. It now appears that maize, or Indian corn, was a major crop in Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. This is a major breakthrough as all the traditional historians have claimed for the past century that there was no maize in Egypt until after Columbus.

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Dr. Thompson's most recent books on New World exploration are now available on the print-on-demand service!

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Please explore this site for information about multi-ethnic voyages by all the world’s major maritime nations in ancient times. This has been the focus of efforts of the Multicultural Discovery Project and the New World Discovery Institute for the past decade.

Gunnar Thompson’s research for the New World Discovery Institute is respected by Thor Heyerdahl, Betty Meggers of the Smithsonian Institution, and Philip Phillips of Harvard—among many others. Enjoy this site!

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