Related Papers
for Presentation May 16th, 2005 at the Library of Congress

Many of the presentations here are provided by the authors in their original format, without editing or modifications. Some are formatted for the web, but most are MS Word documents.


Gunnar Thompson
(New World Discovery Institute)

“Marco Polo and Zheng He: Yuan Foundation of New World Discovery”
see also this Brief Background Essay

Paul Chiasson

“The First Public Announcement and Presentation of the Remains of a Pre-European Chinese Settlement on the East Coast of North America”

Robert Cribbs

“Using the Slip between Solar and Sidereal Time
to Measure Longitude”

Robin Lind
Pre-European Cartography of the NE & NW Passages
Gavin Menzies

“1421 – A voyage of discovery”

John E. Wills
Where Is the Admiral Taking Us?
Agendas for Zheng He Studies